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Holiday Hosting in a Hurry

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Whether you volunteered to host this year’s Christmas festivities in June, or you were asked last week – the time has to come to get ready! With Christmas fast approaching, use these tips as a guide to get your home prepared.


Start now and go thoroughly from room to room. This is a great time of year to physically and mentally prepare an open space for your guests, and the new gifts that come with the holidays. 

While decluttering your space, this is also a great time to check out appliances and systems that may be due for service or minor repairs. There’s nothing worse than having the fridge or dishwasher go out when you’ve got a house full of extra people! 

Deep Clean

About a week before your guests arrive, focus on your high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom first. Then, move on to the less frequently used spaces that tend to take center-stage during the holidays; guest bedrooms and bathrooms and formal dining and sitting areas. 

Along with creating a clean and cozy space, stock your pantry and cook an extra meal or two ahead of time. You’ll be glad you did when you can pop a frozen, but homemade meal in the oven and spend your time catching up with family instead of spending their entire visit in your kitchen.


Fall and winter is a great time to incorporate more earth and warm tones in your bedding and linens, which can add to an overall holiday decorating scheme. Shades of deep crimson and forest green help create a cozy depth to your space. Set out small items that accentuate your existing decorating theme, but with added holiday flair!

Details Matter

The small, love filled details are what your guests will remember for years to come. Some ways to make sure your family and friends feel welcome and at home in your space could be

First impressions- focus decorating flourish on the front door and entry area. It adds curb appeal and gives your company a jolt of Christmas cheer, even if you decide to go light with seasonal decor through the rest of the space. 

Extra essentials- have extra toiletry items, towels and linens in an easily accessible area so your guests don’t have to hunt or ask for what they need. 

Set the mood- add a personal touch with a handwritten welcome note in guest bedrooms. Appeal to every sense by using light background music, seasonal smells, a crackling fire to add layers of comfort and holiday cheer. 

Joyful, but Not Sparking Joy?

The holiday season can open our eyes to new opportunities, wants, and needs when it comes to our living situation. You might discover along the way it’s time for a change.

While your home is looking its absolute coziest, the holiday season is a great time to start that process of listing your home with a local real estate agent. When it’s time to choose a trusted title company during the transaction, MidCoast Title would be happy to assist you with a smooth, detailed process. 

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