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6 Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Open House

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At Mid-Coast Title Company, we know how hard the pandemic has hit every facet of our lives, including the ability to show real estate. 

As the world copes with COVID-19, licensed real estate agents and home buyers alike can social-distance while also showing off and touring prime properties. 

Feeling lost on how to make the switch to virtual? 

If you haven’t been doing a lot with video, you may feel intimidated at the idea of streaming an open house or conducting a virtual walkthrough. However, the same things that make a successful live event contribute to a successful virtual event: friendliness, knowledge and market expertise.

Here are six tips to host a successful virtual open house.


Promote Your Virtual Open House

Use email blasts to buyer leads and fellow agents as well as through social media or other traditional media to promote your open house the same way you would promote an IRL open house. Give a timeframe for the virtual open house and build interest about the property.


Spend Time on Your Tour

Much like a traditional, live open house, a virtual open house should take time. Aim for approximately 10-20 minutes of streaming as you take viewers (and potential home buyers) on a virtual tour of the home.


Provide Detailed Information

Begin outside and guide home buyers through the entrance, just as you would for a private in-person viewing. Next, proceed through each room, ending up back outside with the outdoor spaces. Show each space including closets, upgrades and finishes, as well as extras like the view from the deck or bedroom. Take some time to talk about local amenities, the neighborhood, schools and other highlights. Make sure to answer any questions from viewers during the livestream.


Consider Doing Multiple Tours in a Day

Consider a day of virtual tours for all of your current listings if you want to make a big impact. Promote these beforehand, along with all your services.


Upgrade Your Equipment

Consider upgrading your camera or lighting equipment or use a tripod to make your virtual open house more professional. If you want to stream to multiple platforms at once, a multi-stream switchboard can make it possible.


Repurpose Your Content for Promotions

Once your virtual open house is over, download, edit and reuse the video content for your website or YouTube. Follow up your promotional email with a link of the tour and invite those who couldn’t attend the live broadcast to watch the video.

Most of all, bring your personality, sense of humor and your expertise and use it to engage your fans and followers to sell that listing.

Finally, if you’re considering selling or buying a home, make sure you check out all the services we at Mid-Coast Title Co. offer for both sellers and buyers.

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